Elle Macpherson

On life, business, health & happiness

Welcome to my new dot com - a place
to share past stories, favourite people,
current interests and projects.

Defining a sense of self and authenticity can be a revelatory journey. In the process of
putting together this archive I have revisited the choices made throughout my life and my
career, and traced from where those decisions grew. The freedom of expression, the
pioneering spirit and the space to dream that emanates from Australia still has a strong
influence on the way I live my life.

The appreciation of beauty, first encountered in nature when I was young, has gone on to
form a narrative thread throughout my life. I cherish the physical and emotional beauty in
those closest to me, and the aesthetic beauty of art, design and architecture. I find nature
invigorating, providing energy and space for reflection.

The Body may have started out as a tagline, but my health and energy are just as important
to me now as in my early modelling days. As a mother to two growing boys, I seek balance,
in both mind and body.

In my experience, fitness goes above and beyond the treadmill. Working out and developing
physicality is important, but I also focus on the enjoyment that sport and activity add to life.
Life can be pretty hectic — I find yoga steadies the senses, and regular practice helps develop
focus, discipline, energy and awareness. I recognise the benefits of a wholesome, varied,
organic diet and I supplement when needed. I nourish my body and soul.

Relationships and connections with my family, my sons, siblings, friends and collaborators are
paramount in my life. I make sure I care for my mind and spirit as I do my body. Whilst I think
it’s important to encourage curiosity and exploration, it's not about overloading the mind,
bombarding it with information. Quality over quantity is my motto.

One of the most important things in my life is developing my inner spirit, by making time to
listen to my intuition.

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